Dean's Word

I send greetings of love, appreciation and respect to the Faculty family, starting from the honorable members of the faculty and their assistants from the administrative assisstants to, my sons and daughters, students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

Because of our belief that the institution’s rise begins first with the grace of God, then with sincerity, cooperation and teamwork, so I have great confidence in the faculty family to work together under the principle of participation to overcome any challenges and in order to push the college towards more development and advancement that aims to achieve distinct growth rates for various sectors of education and scientific research and community service on updated scientific and technical foundations that keep pace with the requirements of the modern era and achieve the goals of sustainable development, with the creative capabilities and competencies the college has.

Finally, to my sons and daughters, Faculty students:
Life is science and  work. Science is an obligation from eternity, so come to the work and innovation that all of us are required to do with our best effort and to seek our creative energies in light of these delicate circumstances that our beloved country is going through, to support this distinguished start of loyal Faculty members.

May God help us all to what he loves and pleases ,,,,,



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