The faculty aspires to be a leader in veterinary education, research and outreach programs to ensure animal health, and eventually human health. Our graduates will be mindful of values and professional skills that guide their work, commitment, responsibilities and leadership driving for excellence and innovation nationally, regionally and internationally.


    The faculty mission is to produce a comprehensively prepared and innovative graduate being able to interact with the challenges in different veterinary fields. The faculty offers postgraduate programs that help participants to acquire updated knowledge and provide advanced research and consultancy to serve the society requirement and promote community development.

                              STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES                             

1)   Improvement of the undergraduates educational program specifications and its compatibility with local and regional requirement, and providing the students support and active participation in various faculty activities for linking the faculty with its own graduates.

2)  Linking post-graduate studies programs and scientific research with university strategy, national and regional requirement with keeping integrity and university ethics.

3)  Working on the adequacy and efficiency of human and material resources and development of information systems and databases to facilitate the decision-makers.

4)  Linking the faculty community with the surrounding society and its requirement, and establishment of regional and international relations.