Dear students:

              I welcome you to the College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Alexandria , which also includes in addition to the headquarters of three college campuses in the state of Matrouh and N'Djamena , Chad, the third branch under construction , based in the state of South Sudan Tong . Includes graduate students from Arab countries , Libya , Iraq and Saudi Arabia .
Work has already started the college since 1975 , and is seeking college with all its faculty , students and staff full of enthusiasm and hard work , in order to achieve its goals of providing educational services developed in line with the era of science and the information age flowing every day , and conduct scientific research aims to develop solutions to obstacles that threaten animal health and livestock productivity and thus threaten human health .
Egypt seeks to rebuild now needs to be a concerted effort , the opportunity for all to work and give to a better future . And university education is the gateway to development , and the University of Alexandria, a scientific institution ancient with all its great potential located by the burden to be the locomotive of progress of society , and graduates of the College of Veterinary Medicine, are the fruit of our production , and responsible for driving the locomotive of the development of different areas of wealth and animal by-products , which represents the safety of food locally it also represents a great opportunity for foreign investments .
The college has seventeen sections scientifically collaborate in the teaching of twelve and forty a curriculum , to qualify graduates to work in the sectors of government and civil society entrusted to veterinary and livestock industries and medicine. They also have a seventeen administrative section includes a variety of disciplines that create the conditions for the provision of educational services and the provision of student activities distinct .
Also seeks to increase the overall quality and practical exercises and linking the community to the student after graduating professionally qualified for the job market to facilitate obtaining a job , or to start a rehabilitation project in the establishment of multi- livestock projects . Where the College provides practical training for students through a program of veterinary convoys in the villages of Alexandria and Matrouh and the lake , the student practiced Veterinary Field work to hone his skills . The College seeks to prepare places for the training process for students and alumni expansions College in Alexandria , and the location of animal production in factories and farms intensive specialized in the production of milk and meat , poultry, fish and medicine , feed and veterinary quarantine port of Alexandria , and to support the scientific status of a college graduate , and the protection of society from common diseases ( transmitted from animals or products ) and learn how to deal with them.
It has also supported the college publication of scientific research and bringing it to the community through scientific conferences and workshops. Has organized a total of six scientific conferences attended by veterinarians and students interested in livestock and human health and pharmaceutical industry and researchers from the colleges of veterinary medicine in universities and research centers, Egyptian, Arab and international . And the role of the veterinarian in participating in the growth of the national economy , the sixth conference was held in November 2012 under the title " veterinary medicine and the advancement of the national economy " , it does not have the strength does not have a decision. The college also active participation in addressing the epidemic of foot and mouth disease that caused the illness and deaths of large numbers of cattle in 2012 . The College organized an international workshop held in Dokki , Giza Governorate in 2 to 3 May 2012 , and participated in the organization of experts from the General Authority for Veterinary Services and Animal Health Research Institute and the Research Institute of serums and vaccines, and the Central Laboratory to evaluate biologicals , and also participated in the internal organization of students from the Faculty of Medicine Veterinary University of Cairo . As grazing seminar co -organized by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO ) and some companies are interested in this field. Scientific papers and co- Egyptian experts and experts from the European Union , who raised the latest information and exchanged experiences with specialists in research and resistance to foot and mouth disease in Egypt .
It was for college students played a leading role among the students of colleges of veterinary medicine in the Egyptian universities , in the March 25, 2013 Conference Student First Scientific under the title "Science and Education in college and future prospects " , under the auspices of a . D / Rushdie please Zahran , Vice President of the University of Alexandria and some pharmaceutical companies . He has to prepare and organize the conference headquarters students for college, and participated to provide research and scientific articles students headquarters and branches of the college b Bmatarouh and N'Djamena . Gathering and this contributes to the development of scientific talent , today Aftlab future scientists who are able to discover all that is new and the speed of development and dealing with the language of the era. The research is based on teamwork and sound methodology for the production of knowledge for the development of society . The criterion of superiority among nations is the amount of their existing knowledge of innovation sons .
Welcome Dear children , and congratulations Aamkm to start a new university and joining Cletkm for today's students and colleagues tomorrow . As I have the honor to work with colleagues, distinguished members of the faculty , students and staff , and I look forward to putting more effort masterly Bcletna together for the advancement of our second home and our university and our ancient Egypt dear . We welcome all suggestions and always will be the pulse that drives the scientific establishment for further progress .